The Golden Rule

Oil It To Preserve It

1. Oil Your Damascus Steel Regularly With Any Food-Safe Oil

2. Wood Good, Leather Whether: Try Your Best To Reduce Leather Contact Or Else Rust May Develop and Instead Use Wood Sheaths

3. If The Rust Ever Starts To Develops Due To Dryness: Simply Use Any Kitchen Scrub To Rub It & Oil The Blade. Never Leave It Dry!

Our Promise

3-Months Post-Purchase Protection
We Will Provide Full Support & Guarantee For Up to 3-Months After Your Purchase Of Our Damascus Steel. This Applies To Blade Sharpening, Rust Removal & Natural Material Replacement

If the Blade Is Broken or Bent By Putting Extreme Intentional Pressure: We won't be responsible. Everything will be taken care of by a reasonable person standard.